Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Obama Signs On With Newest UN Socialist Scam

It's The People's Agenda
" We will seek to build strong economic foundations for all our countries.
This will only be possible if wealth is shared and income inequality is addressed. "

It seems the United Nations has come to the realization that the Global Warming scam they so fervently push is coming apart at the seams and has come up with an alternative, more compassionate sounding new idea to rape the developed world of it's ill gotten wealth gained through it's greed, and redistribute it to the ignorant backward cultures of the world. 

Because to a good socialist, we're not equal until we are all equally poor. (the term 'equal' shall be redefined when necessary)

Progtards Today:
A month ago, the United Nations (UN) Secretary General stated that the Obama administration was set to sign an international agreement eradicating global poverty.  While the exact means of achieving this lofty goal were a little sketchy, the fact that sustainable development was going to be the main mode of transportation was all too clear. 
And for those of us who have been studying Obama’s green agenda for many years, seeing the term “sustainable development” is enough to set off Marxist alarm bells so loud it would even cause the angels in heaven to cover their ears.  Even so, without a link to the actual document, my hopes of exposing the true collective agenda of the UN agreement was slim at best…until now.....
Monday the UN announced that all 193 member states, which includes the United States, have reached an agreement on new global development goals to eradicate global poverty.  According to the UN goals titled “Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” they “encompasses a universal, transformative and integrated agenda that heralds an historic turning point for our world.
But for Americans, that turning point the UN so gloriously celebrates will takes us on a path most of us have no interest in going down.  One which not only openly promotes a Socialist agenda, but forces us to embrace it by 2030. Here is the proof in black and white.....