Sunday, September 6, 2015

Obama's Future Military Commanders Wounded in Fierce Pillow-Fight Battle

Army Launches an Official WTF Investigation

The U.S. Army has launched an investigation after a pillow fight among students at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., led to injuries ranging from broken bones to concussions.
30 cadets were diagnosed with concussions, and other injuries included broken noses, a dislocated shoulder and a hairline fracture to the cheekbone of one of the concussed cadets, Army officials said in a statement released Saturday.  
“While these spirit events do occur, we never condone any activity that results in intentional harm to a teammate. Although the vast majority of the class appears to have maintained the spirit of the event; it is apparent that a few did not. A military police investigation that began the night of the incident is ongoing. I assure you that the chain of command will take appropriate action when the investigation is complete.” 
“We remain committed to the development of leaders of character. We will continue our investigation, ensure accountability, and reinforce with the Corps that we must all take care of our teammates.”  
The violence, first reported by The New York Times Saturday, raises questions about a longtime tradition at the prestigious academy, which trains U.S. military officers. Several students placed helmets in their pillowcases, effectively weaponizing them.
In light of these developments, the Obama administration may just have to re-think their pillow fight type strategy they have employed against the knife happy armies of the religion of peace.