Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Jihad Trojan Horse

Officials Warn 20,000 ISIS jihadist “Have Infiltrated Syrian 
Refugee Camps” Seeking To Reach the West

At least 20,000 bloodthirsty jihadis have infiltrated Syrian refugee camps and are plotting to enter Europe and the west, a senior official warned tonight.
Lebanese Education Minister Elias Bou Saab said he fears Islamic State radicals make up at least 2% of the 1.1million Syrians living in camps across his country. And he warned of a covert jihadi “operation” to get across the Mediterranean and into Europe. His warning came as David Cameron made a whistle-stop tour of refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan yesterday to try to win back public support on the Syria crisis.
“My gut feeling is they (IS) are facilitating such an operation. To go to Europe and other places... From Turkey to Greece. You may have, let’s say, 2% that could be radicals. That is more than enough. We have had that also with our camps here - you find 2-3% of them.”
The stark warning comes as Britain prepares to take 20,000 of the most desperate Syrians from the very same camps, following huge public demand for action.  It will pile more pressure on Ministers to ensure the people helped by the vital aid program are properly vetted before they arrive. Lebanon is one of the key areas for British aid program after being overwhelmed with more than a million Syrian refugees since the bloody civil war began.
Mr Bou Saab is closely involved in education programs for the Syrian kids living in the sprawling tented camps.
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With talk by the Obama administration of upping the number of unvetted refugees allowed to immigrate to the US from war torn Syria, a conflict they've only helped make worse, while South American nations are now being encouraged to open up to accepting refugees from the middle east, do we sit by and be next to watch the Trojan Horse of Islam roll across our borders undetected?