Saturday, September 26, 2015

US Drone Strike Destroys Classic Dylan Album Supply

WASHINGTON- MFNS — The Pentagon is refusing to either confirm or deny that late friday night one of its unmanned Predator Drones targeted an undisclosed warehouse somewhere in the middle east containing a large stock of the classic Bob Dylan album "Desire", which features the 7 minute iconic track “Isis”

At a press conference Saturday a Pentagon spokesman, while refusing to comment on the alleged strike, did asserted that the U.S. military does not include music warehouses on it's terrorist target list, or intentionally target civilian or humanitarian supply depots.  “Ultimately the responsibility for this sort of tragic collateral damage lies with the ISIS terrorists group themselves,” the source said.

The carefully-worded statement leaves open the possibility that someone high up in the pentagon is still pissed off about Dylan’s controversial 1965 embrace of electric amplification at the Newport Folk Festival, and may have left him open to attack.