Friday, November 27, 2015

Aggies vs The Tigers

For many years, Texas A&M and LSU traditional played their first game of the season against each other. Then in 2011 the Aggies joined the SEC west and since then the game has quickly taken on the trappings of a true SEC rivalry. It has now become a very heated blood feud because of the bad blood between former LSU Defensive coach, John Chavis, and the LSU legal staff.  Chavis ramped up the heat last week by gleefully saying "I can't wait to walk in Tiger Stadium as an Aggie."  He may live to regret those words.  Chavis has to face the music: since A&M joined the SEC, LSU is the only SEC West team the Aggies have never defeated. The cocky Chavis believes he has their number. We'll see Johnny Boy.

Given the rumors stirred by some Alumni and Tiger Boosters resulting in uproar in Baton Rouge this week, and seeing the imminent end of an era at LSU,  I have a feeling the Tigers will go out on a high note and play their final game in Tiger Stadium this season as a tribute to a soft spoken man who has represented LSU Football and the SEC with all the class and distinction of a gentleman, who in the last ten years has coached so many boys into men, sending more players to the NFL then any college football program in the country.

I Say Tigers by 13

LSU 19 - Texas A&M 7

This Weeks Picks:

Alabama @ Auburn - The Iron Bowl: One of the SEC's oldest, and one of the most revered rivalries in college football. In the past, hopes of National Championships have died quick deaths in this game. Auburn, who were favored by the 'expert sports monkeys' to win the SEC (those silly boys shouldn't drink so much) turned out a disappointing disappointment. Anything can happen, but the way I see it, this is just a tuneup for The Tide before the dismantling of the Florida Gators next weekend. -- I say Alabama by 21 

Miss. St @ Ole Missy - Other then saying I congratulate local boy Dak Prescott on a great SEC record breaking college career at Miss. St., being called the best run and pass QB the SEC has ever produced, the win by Alabama makes this game totally irrelevant.

Florida St @ Florida - The Seminoles put it on the cocky Gators to set up their spanking by Alabama next week. Sorry Gators fans, but you're the champs of one of the weakest division in power 5 football this year. This could be a good game......for a few minutes at least.  Word is they will pass around the hat for future Gator Bail Money at halftime. -- I say Florida St. by 10

Oklahoma @ Oklahoma St. - I didn't expect the Sooners to be in the top 4 until after the Okie St. game, but what do I know?  The Sooners are now the second of my 6 picks to enter the bowl playoff picture. If Okie St. has the Sooner defense figured out,  this could be a close game. But the the Sooners have gazed upon the golden trophy. They want this game more and out to prove themselves worthy of  Big 12's Top Dog. They pull out a victory, increasing the chance of retaining their playoff berth. I say Sooners by 10+

Last week I scored with the Alabama and Oklahoma wins, but the Tigers let me down once again for a 2-1 week.

Jan's picks YTD  21-6