Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Did You Know The Bill Of Rights Is Not Part Of The Constitution?

Doug Gottlieb, CBS Sports Reporter / Part Time Constitutional Expert 

Yeah, me neither. But according to Doug Gottlieb, a reporter and radio talk show host for CBS Sports, we be dumb.

After 24 year old Lakeisha Holloway drove her car up on a Las Vegas sidewalk killing one and injuring 37 others, Gottlieb decided to address the situation on Twitter. Apparently confused (or still reeling from the fact he's not a 7ft. black guy and didn't make it to the NBA) and jumping to the conclusion that Holloway used a gun to injure her victims as opposed to a 2000 pound vehicle, Gottlieb tweeted some  rather bizarre tweets he has since deleted.

Dougie originally went to the University of Notre Dame on a basketball scholarship and after some legal issues there, he transferred to Golden West College and then to Oklahoma State where he graduated.  Apparently none of courses he took involved civics, history, government or anything to do with the Constitution.

If Gottlieb wants to stick with the line that the Bill of Rights is not part of the Constitution when it comes to the Second Amendment, that means he thinks the 4th and 5th Amendments are not part of the Constitution either. And of course, his job as a reporter could be curtailed or eliminated by the government because the First Amendment protects the press as well.

I think it's about time the liberal Bob Costas and Doug Gottliebs of the world stick to there expertize. Just as I don't want listen to Alan Dershowitz or Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg try to explain an illegal offense formation or the pass interference rules, it's time the sports monkeys just STFU. They need to stick to their world of sweaty ballplayers and bad interviews and droning on about who's best. And after being miles off the mark on college football this year, they have a lot to work on.