Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Record-Breaking Golf Streak Ends at 13 Weeks

White House Dossier - One of the great streaks in the history of sports came to an end today after President Obama cancelled a golf outing at the last minute this morning, apparently out of concern over threatening skies. It now appears golf will not be rescheduled for later today.

Obama had gone golfing 13 weekends in row, at least once every weekend since all the way back to April 3. Obama went golfing twice last weekend, bringing his total number of outings to 75 as president, including 17 trips to the links this year.

That he missed golf on a three day weekend is truly a stunning development. The sports and political worlds are in a deep state of shock.



  1. This is a shocking development indeed. He needs to spend much more time golfing - he's not as dangerous on the golf course as he is in the White House. Oops - silly me, I forgot about his "auto-pen".

  2. Ooh, ooh! I tried doing one of these drawings of Obama golfing, and I didn't let my lack of artistic skills stop me: http://www.freetoassemble.com/blog/deborah-platt/bi-winning-future-economy

    And if you haven't seen the shankapotomus video, it's kind of fun: http://youtu.be/H9m3GyDh6M8

  3. Hi Deb, good to see you here again!
    I joined ' freetoassemble' awhile back, but never posted. I did visit your blog a few times.

    Come visit me on Opera too.

  4. @ Otis....
    I agree! Let him play and keep him out of the office till 2012.