Wednesday, February 6, 2019

When You Pee Yourself In White, It Really Shows.....

If you watched last night’s State of the Union Address you surely don’t need to spend much time being told what you saw. The first third of the State of the Union was replete with lines it was virtually impossible for the Democrats not to applaud, touting undeniably impressive  statistics.  But on many of those lines the Democrats, highlighted by a large contingent of their female House caucus failed to applaud, a conspicuously surly response from scowling women in white.

Halfway in I think most everyone realized what they were seeing on the left side of the aisle. Democrat women wearing white en masse is a rather unfortunate look and ironic historical analog....that this was the Kitty Kat Klan, the newest iteration of that party’s cultist bitter-end resistance. They can’t abide private sector job growth, they won’t stand for the unborn, they have little use for unity or compromise and their enmity for Trump is boundless, as they showed at the end of his speech, when most of them literally ran from the chamber.

DJT saw them coming, and his speech reflected that recognition. He trolled them relentlessly, putting them on the spot offering those applause lines they wouldn’t applaud, and then, in a master stroke, he touted the success of women in the workplace and the unprecedented numbers of females in Congress. Upon those lines they rushed to their feet and burst in applause, giving the unavoidable impression that all they really cared about was themselves. When record-low unemployment has you sitting on your hands but record female membership in Congress has you high-fiving like it’s a basketball game, America has little choice but to believe you’re in it for yourself and no one else. This can’t have gone unforeseen by Trump’s speechwriters. It was military-grade trolling, and he repeated it again and again.

The best moment of the speech was when Trump resolved that America would never be a socialist country, a direct affront to Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocashew-Cortex which had both of them glowering at him as most of the hall loudly cheered. That line could be interpreted as an olive branch to Speaker Pelosi, who rudely shuffled papers from behind Trump on the podium as she chewed on the inside of her cheeks during the speech,  and is terrified at what the new radicals will wreak upon the party when the 2020 election rolls around. DJT's speechwriters were able to smoke out how radical his Democrat opposition actually is and seize the political upper hand, and he now controls the political moment.

Advantage Trump.

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