Monday, March 21, 2011

Publius Minimus to Diogenes......"Does anyone actually know who these Libyan rebels are, and what they want other than no more Muammar el-Qaddafi?  Have we just given aid to radical muslims, who may form another Iranian-style theocracy or Taliban, and are handing them the doorstep to Europe? I doubt very seriously they want constitutional democracy, pluralistic society and WiFi access, and I don’t think they're fighting to make Libya safe for Starbuck's and Arby's."


  1. An excellent question that needs an answer. My question is, where are they getting all their weapons and ammo and how are they so well trained that they are beating the organized army of Qadaffi? They call them rebels as if they were Joe Shmoes off the street that grabbed their guns and took off out the door. Obviously, there is much more to this than we know. I don't trust any of this. The story is really full of holes no matter how you look at it.

  2. I am strongly opposed to our "kinetic military action" in Libya. Gates has admitted that the civil unrest there posed "No vital national interest or imminent threat". If the Libyan situation is a vital national interest for various European nations, let them attend to it themselves. Yet this imperial president has thrust us into this war without any authorization from Congress. I deplore the fact that the administration has gone out of its way to keep its objectives in this war "fuzzy" -- are we providing humanitarian assistance? are we working toward regime change? How are we supposed to know whether we've met our objectives if we don't know what they are? Oh, wait! We don't have to have our own objectives. We are merely being guided by the Leader of the Free World, Nicolas Sarkozy.

    I agree with Publius Minimus that we have no idea who we are backing. How many of these "freedom fighters" were in the throngs of people welcoming back the Lockerbie bomber? How many want to institutionalize sharia law? Wipe Israel off the face of the map? Work toward a global caliphate?