Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Moments in History #14

On this day in 1964...

To counter the onslaught of the sixties British Music Invasion, legendary rock band 'Newman, Davis, Mitchum, Martin & Garner' was formed as music's first "Super Group". Gigs were raucous and far between, and the band finally disbanded to spend time on solo careers and film projects. Their ground breaking formula has been followed successfully many time since. Band members privately blamed the groups demise on the  refusal of Frank Sinatra to join the project after insisting on he be lead singer, and which kind of hats would be worn. 

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  1. Now this, I would have given my first-born son to see.

    Well, maybe not my first-born son. A husband or two, yeah, but not my first-born son.

    What a hoot this would have been!