Monday, July 18, 2011

Casey Anthony to Run for Public Office??

There has been much speculation by insiders in Casey Anthony’s defense attorney’s office that after her “Not Guilty” verdict she may have been courted by Democrat political operatives to run for public office. According to analysts, she has everything it takes to be a successful member of any democrat caucus; she is skilled at deception and she lives in a fantasy world. 

With those credentials and unparalleled name recognition, Anthony may be contemplating her intention to run for public office sometime in the near future. Democratic strategist Paul Begala believes she is probably a liberal. “She led government authorities on one wild goose chase after another, and as a result she wasted hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars, not to mention she’s the best liar I’ve seen since Bill Clinton. I really do suspect she’s one of us.”

No matter which party she chooses to represent, CNN analyst David Gergen believes Anthony will immediately fit into Washington. “This is a person who excels at deflecting blame, puts her own self-interest ahead of future generations, and tends to publicly flaunt her body at the most inappropriate times. On top of that, she fills a vacancy in Washington right now. Her name is Anthony and she’s the female equivalent of a wiener.” 
Thanks to her three-year incarceration, Gergen also implied the 25-year-old is already well-connected in the Florida government system, and possibly higher: “While she doesn't have the President's ear, she does have the President's ears.”

To Republican pollster Evan McNeal, it all comes down to having the right temperament for the job. “Philosophically, a politician should serve the lowest in society while acting as a restraint on its highest powers, and think Casey already does this. She serves the lowest in society – herself – while impeding the highest power – Nancy Grace.”

However, some Florida residents, still angry over the verdict in which she was cleared of murder charges, argued that Anthony is unfit to run. “She had shady friends, a fake job — everything about her is fake,” said Orlando dental hygienist Mika Poocie . “So how does that make her qualified to be… oh, right.”


  1. She's got that retroactive abortion thing down pat also.

  2. Home Run!!! You have picked up your game with this one, Diogenes. Way to go!

  3. Killing the economy. Killing a baby. No child left behind. Sounds like a winner to me. She oughtta be on the deficit commission

  4. I think she's shooting for a position in the Justice Dept. All the court experience and all.....