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Youth Is Wasted Upon The Young...

Matthew - 5/26/2012
Matthew's Weekend Commentary

That little gem was uttered, I believe by Mark Twain, an American original. It is a truism that youngsters have no idea of what they have -- in fact, it's almost an indictment that youngsters have no idea...whatsoever. It was once axiomatic in my former field of work in the business world, that the best idea anyone under the age of 25 ever heard was usually also the last idea they ever heard. There is a tendency for those who are very young to simply parrot what they've been told, or to make great leaps to illogical conclusions based on faulty and unexplored premises.
 Which is fine: people have to make mistakes, or else they'll never learn anything, and youth is the time to make them.
 And then I was reminded of another pearl of wisdom regarding the stupidity of youth, this one uttered by Winston Churchill, a veritable dynamo of intellect, who said, vis-a-vis. the numbskull factor of the young and their politics:
“A man under the age of 30 who is not a liberal has no heart…a man over the age of 30 who is not a conservative, has no brain…”
The implication is that idealistic libtards eventually grow up, once they're confronted with reality. Unfortunately, many never do, and in this Modern World of ours where growing up is likened to something to be avoided like AIDS, one wonders if the efforts to restrain our youngsters to save them -- and by extension Us -- from their own stupidity is a battle that can be won.
Or, is it just easier to shut them out of the process altogether, figuring that perhaps raising the minimum voting age to 21, or 25, or what have you, will give some of these perpetual adolescents we seem to be raising time to mature?
In any case, it should be readily apparent to anyone with three functioning braincells is that the main problem with things like "Rock the Vote" or "Occupy ______" rallies is that they are, in the main, Leftoid movements which are directly targeted at perhaps the dumbest demographic in the world (other than African-American welfare mothers), that is to say, "the young people". And why not? They're perhaps one of the easiest groups of potential voters to manipulate, somewhere in the mix with Senior Citizens, Welfare Fraudsters and Public Union Workers.
The issue, besides the sheer ignorance of America's Youth, is the trend to translate vague 'feelings" into political movements and action, and the absolute mess this makes of the political system.
Which leads us to another quote, this one slightly paraphrased, and for the life of me, I cannot remember where I read this:
“(Modern) Liberalism is a movement of the ill-informed-but-well-intentioned, led by the well-informed-and ill-intentioned.”
We are now suffering under a regime which was, for the most part, imposed upon us by the youngest voters in America. Barack Odouchebag spoke to these dirty, drug-taking, self-absorbed little dipshits, mostly because he's one of them -- don't let the grey hair fool you; Obama is an adolescent in a man's body -- and partly because he, too, shares their mindless and illogical idealism. The same held true for JFK and Hubert Humphrey, and George McGovern back in the day.
 Which makes one wonder: why the fuck do we even bother listening to these whippersnappers? Why does anyone pay that much attention to a bunch of clueless dumbasses?
Which is exactly what Jonah Goldberg was asking just the other day (a wonderful video!).
And to prove the point that "the best idea was the last idea" meme, try this video on for size. At least in this one, someone took the trouble to convert the poor, demented little bastard to the correct point of view.


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