Sunday, June 3, 2012

Politics Isn’t the Intellectual Consistency Business.......

Diogenes - 6/3/2012
Former President Bill Clinton went to campaign for Tom Barrett in Milwaukee Saturday.....
"…After Clinton's trip was officially announced today, Wasserman Schultz said she was “thrilled President Clinton will be traveling to Wisconsin tomorrow to campaign for the next Governor of the Badger State, Mayor Tom Barrett......" 

Rewind to 2003.......Clinton said this before an African-American church in central Los Angeles, rallying to the support of then California Governor Gray Davis, a Democrat who was facing a recall election:
“Recalling the governor will create a circumstance where nobody ever makes a hard decision again … A recall would spread instability and uncertainty among your people and across the country.
Clinton wasn't arguing that Gray Davis shouldn't be recalled, or trying to make the case that Davis was best for California. He was taking dead aim at the recall process itself, absent any campaign-specific considerations.
 Clinton's warning about the dangers of recalls was joined by his vice president, Al Gore, who went even further:
“The people who want to see this recall take place are disrespecting the majority who voted in the election last year, disrespecting the right of the majority to engage in self-governance. And when we vote and when the majority votes to have a particular set of policies and ideas and individuals to be controlling the course of our future, then nobody ought to overturn the say of the people. The people ought to govern themselves and have a right to make the decisions …" 
Again, a bipartisan attack on yanking people out of office for making tough decisions.
I wonder how the Barrett supporters are going to really feel the morning after the recall election to find their unions have thrown virtually millions of their hard earned extorted union dues down a dark hole to defeat Scott Walker? And failed.
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  1. Dayum I had a hard time making it past the pic of Slick Willie in his shorts! LOLOL!