Thursday, October 4, 2012

Enablers of the Obama Myths Since 2008

NewsBusters - "An angry Chris Matthews sharply denounced President Obama's performance in the presidential debate lastnight, implying his knowledge of the facts was "first grade." Matthews also urged Obama to tune in to MSNBC so he could learn a thing or two....."


  1. I don't go to any of the MSM sites, but I have no doubt that Romney won last night. Even a blind pig could see that as is proven by HuffPo declaring Romney the winner. Obama was clearly outclassed.

  2. Is the MSNBC peacock plopping Obama poop? That's what I took from your graphic, since that makes the most sense to me.

    I really enjoyed watching the natives on the Obama reservation going from unrestive and unhappy to downright apoplectic and distraught over Obama's performance on Wednesday night.

    Obama's only claim to have any debating skills whatsoever goes back to his debate with Hillary Clinton when he put her down in a very condescending manner. I enjoyed that sarcasm because I don't care for Hillary since I believe her to be as dangerous as Obama. Other than that one moment, I have not seen any manifestation of debating skills possessed by Obama. I think that is a myth perpetuated by his sycophants in the MSM.

    If, as I suspect, Obama comes out flame throwing all over Romney on a personal level, I think it will come back to bite Obama big time since Romney appeared so presidential in Debate #1, which will then make Obama look small and mean spirited in comparison.