Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Full Speed Ahead........A Ship of Fools


So, I am hearing from people like Frank Luntz, and others, that Obama won over voters because he ran a negative, mean and nasty campaign, and campaign ads filled with lies ... and Romney lost because he didn't. I thought in the last few elections we have been told the American people didn't want any part of negative campaigning. Which is it, huh ... because I really am fed up with the moving of the goal posts every election on this reasoning?

This is hard enough, but it appears as if all sanity is gone. Really, Florida?
Rep. Allen West may possibly be out of the House.

That flaming idiot Alan Grayson has been voted back into the House.

And just to be fair, Ohio ... you really are a hopeless pathetic mudhole. Just keep digging...

Meanwhile, the Hurricane Sandy-stricken east coast is under another bad storm. But just so you folks suffering through being kicked while still down, Chris Matthews wants you to know your losses were the bestest damn thing evah for Barack Obama.


America, THIS is the filthy mentality YOU threw-in with... This is where you get your information and truth from. The deaths of over 110 people and billions in destruction was just friggin great for Obama, according to Chris Matthews. I am certain Matthews won't find any disagreement in the White House, just as long as he keeps sipping from the Obama bed pan he has been carrying for the guy for the last five years.

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