Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All You Bobby Jindal Fans Need to Read This...

Jindal seeks backing from casino billionaire.....

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal  has approached casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson about possible financial backing for a presidential run in 2016.
Jindal, the self proclaimed anti-gambling, pro-life, anti- gay marriage conservative is showing he is indeed the political opportunist I have been telling you he was. 
Ready to sell out his phony conservative ideals that got him elected our Louisiana Governor twice for big bucks from Adelson to run for the White House.


  1. Several years ago Jindal gave the Republican response to one of Obama's State of the Union speeches. His performance was pathetic. It was probably stage fright since it was his first appearance on the national stage.

    That aside, I just don't see him as presidential material and I am not certain at all as to what he brings to the table as a political strength. Exactly what will his constituency be in a Republican primary? The 2016 Republican primary will be replete with other conservatives with more appeal to minority constituencies than Jindal.

  2. During my teaching career I saw more and more often the second and third year teachers beginning to take administration classes with the goal of moving up the ladder as quickly as possible. I have long considered that ambition of this type occurs in inverse proportion to intelligence and maturity. Jindal may be a far better governor than the previous one, but that is saying a very small amount. He might even make a better president than Obama, but that would not be a notable achievement either. The question that he needs to ask himself is whether he would be the best person to run for president from his party. I suspect that if he is honest with himself that he will realize that the answer is the negative. If the conservative movement is to recover from 2012 it is going to need leadership with real gravitas, not mediocrities of overwhelming ambition.

  3. He is NOT a 'natural born' citizen. I know, I know, neither is Obama but two wrongs do not make a right. Doesn't the U.S. Constitution mean anything to anybody anymore?

    1. Jindal IS a natural born citizen, Born and raised in Baton Rouge.....

    2. His parents were not citizens at the time of his birth, Jindal is a NATIVE born citizen. BIG difference