Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Britain Prepares to Retaliate

Mr. Bean
Recent network news reports that President Obama will soon name Vogue Magazine editor and poodle look alike Anna Wintour as Ambassador to Great Britain, resulted in a rapid defensive response from #10 Downing St. British Prime Minister Dave Cameron announced his plans to return the favor by appointing Roland Atkinson as the realms spokesperson in Washington.

“I’m only repaying the favor", said PM Cameron. "Obama returned Winston Churchill's bust, so I'm sending him back a real Boob!  I know the President is an arrogant SOB, but considering some ill dressed fashion maven as his Representative to the Court of St. James is ludicrous. And this is no time to upset her Majesty The Queen."

London Mayor Boris Johnson applauded the possible appointment  on his twitter page, which sent his comments viral along with pictures of Anna at Westminster where she failed to qualify for the final line up of ‘Best in Breed’ for Standard Poodles. Seems her bite wasn’t quite right. 
Mr. Bean was unavailable for comment.



  1. When we remember that the first American Ambassador to the Court of King James was John Adams, it is a real perspective on the decline into mediocrity that is heralded by the election to the Presidency of the United States of America of Barack H. Obama. His entire administration is comprised of the most mediocre and mendacious collection of buffoons. They look more like the administration of a Third World dictatorship than the seat of government of the greatest nation that has ever existed on this planet. Wintour fits right in.

  2. You must admit, it is so far the best Obama has surrounded himself with.