Thursday, December 6, 2012

They Are Watching – And Pointing and Laughing

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This is straight out of the “you’re never going to believe this in a million epochs” file.
There’s a country called the United States on a planet Earth that is going through a political battle.
Basically, the country has two major ruling parties. The democrats want the government to be as big as possible, running everyone’s lives from “womb to tomb,” transferring as many responsibilities as possible to the collective. They do this by confiscating revenue that the people have earned.
The republicans claim to want the government as small as possible, letting people run their own lives as much as possible, keeping their own money and taking on their own responsibilities. Many times the republicans have been in power, yet, the government is still a behemoth that is completely out of money.
The United States just reelected a president who has spent more money that he doesn’t have at a rate that exceeds the amount the 43 other presidents spent… combined.
The amount of money being proposed for spending, plus the debt that they admit that they already accrued, plus the amount of money that has been promised through what they call entitlements, exceeds all of the wealth of the entire planet combined.
The republicans want some serious talk about pruning the size of the government. Meanwhile the democrats blame this problem on the people who already foot most of the bill already. They say they “aren’t paying their fair share.” Even if they took every earned penny from these people being scapegoated it wouldn’t make a dent towards the money the democrats are spending. Interestingly, most of the people who are largely responsible for electing this president do not pay into the system, but they expect a big payout. It’s called “fairness.”
But none of this is the part you’re not going to believe. This is the part -

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