Friday, May 17, 2013

If...Holder is telling the truth...he's as incompetent as Obama...and he's as stupid as Biden. Period. End of sentence.

by Rob Janicki @ Capital Preservation

"Eric Holder, quite possibly the worst United States Attorney General in modern political history, was the BBQ entre' of the day, as he was slow 'grilled' by the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. 

Holder was interrogated by committee members over a wide range of issues. Holder's theme for the day could be likened to Hogan's Heroes character Sgt. Schultz and his famous retort of, "I know notheeeng" when questioned by Col. Klink or others in dicey situations.

AG Holder essentially told the House committee 57 times that "I know nothing" or some very close variation, when questioned on a variety of issues. Holder's performance was simply shameful for the nation's highest ranked law enforcement officer. This must have been Holder's idea of "Don't ask, don't tell." since he wasn't telling anyone, anything of consequence.
Holder's performance was just his riff on Obama's standard operating practice. Obama, when confronted with a difficult and knotty question, will fall back on the same response or, as Holder did, claim he cannot respond to questions involving ongoing investigations. This pretty much eliminates everything from the daily weather report to who is winning Dancing With The Stars to every serious issue of the day." 
Read the rest and see the video for yourself......

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