Saturday, June 1, 2013

Matthew's Weekend Commentary

Welcome to Zimbabwe, America...  

"Upon seeing this Mussolini-like pose, struck by a man, who much like it's originator, is also a shallow and hollow human being with few redeeming qualities, I find myself curiously in mind of an age old adage that goes something like this:

One bad apple does not spoil the whole bushel.

I do not know the origin of this phrase, and quite frankly it isn't all that important. However, it is necessary to view the events of the last five years through the prism of this quaint expression, for it is our curse to live in a day and age in which bad apples have become the norm and are hardly the exception.

When one looks at the metaphorical apples and bushels which represent the sum total of America's Obama Experience, it becomes apparent that old saw should be taken out of the lexicon, for it is now becoming a universal truism that today's seeming wisdom will, eventually, become tomorrow's stinking load of bullshit.

Strictly speaking, no decent chef on planet Earth would believe such a thing, that one rotten apple does not endanger those within close proximity. One need only a rudimentary understanding of basic food safety and hygiene (or simply watch any of Gordon Ramsey's infamous and tedious 'Save This Restaurant' mini-dramas) to know that one diseased fruit will eventually spread it's rot to another, rendering the entire batch unsuitable for consumption and poisoning all who partake of the bushel.

And although human beings are not apples, the truth of the Obama Administration has been that rot does, indeed, spread, whether we're talking fruit or people. For the Obama administration has been nothing if not a constant parade of proverbial bad apples.

It is an administration with bad apples in it's foundations, built upon the Clinton-era retreads who somehow manage to avoid jail and summary street execution. Whether it is the Hildebeest herself as Secretary of State, Rahm Emanuel as one-time Chief of Staff, or Eric Holder, the Attorney General who believes the law doesn't apply to his self-pitying self, the cavalcade of Clintonista bad apples was there from the beginning to taint whatever came after it. This should have been your first indication that something was terribly wrong.

 Of course, Obama brought his own bad apples with him, too..."

* Y'all Welcome Matthew Back After
An Extended Hiatus to Work on His New Novel.


  1. Throughout my life I have found that anytime I wished to develop a new skill that learning the vocabulary was the first step. In this magnificent analysis Matthew has given us the vocabulary necessary to understand the Obama administration completely. He has put into succinct analysis the various parts of this abomination so that we can see the emperor without his clothes, his administration without its cloaking devices. Matthew has done for Obama what Angelo Codevilla did for the Ruling Class. Bravo!

  2. Great post and great article. My comparison has always been to cancer spreading throughout the body, but rotten apples is an good analogy.

  3. Wow! Codavilla? Really, Gene? I'm gobsmacked. That's extremely high praise, thank you.

    Thanks for the 'welcome back', Jan!


    1. Glad your back and ranting again! You have been missed.

  4. Matthew, I have been very impressed with your thought processes in the past, but this particular piece puts you in the big time. You have really found the exact right description of the Obama phenomenon. I copied your piece and sent it to several people whose opinions I respect. Everyone came back with similar praise to my own. You don't need to be modest about this one at all. It is superb. Thank you so much for making my Saturday morning feel so good.