Monday, June 17, 2013

Safe and Secure in the Hands of a Woman

by D.C. McAllister

Hillary Clinton told an audience in Chicago last week that the “great unfinished business of this century” is the creation of more opportunities for women. One can almost hear the gears turning in her head as she eyes the presidency in 2016.

What greater opportunity for a woman than to be president of the United States, and what greater chance for Americans to be redeemed from a sexist past than to elect the first female president?

To a crowd of adoring fans at the Clinton Global conference, Clinton chose her words purposely, planting seeds in the minds of the American public that what our country needs is a woman to lead the way into a fuller, brighter, and safer future:

"When women participate in peacemaking and peacekeeping, we are safer and more secure, and when women participate in politics, the effects ripple throughout society."
The focus on gender politics is obvious, but notice that Clinton doesn’t veer into the typical war-on-women talking points. She doesn’t highlight wage disparity or reproductive rights; instead, she broadens her scope with the lofty and timely language of peace. Her message, however, isn’t one of peace through strength or individual responsibility, but of security and, above all, safety. These are the “effects” of a feminized culture that have rippled throughout society, and these are the values Democrats will exploit in 2014 and 2016.

This is particularly true in light of current scandals that have exposed how a bloated and unaccountable government can violate the rights and liberties of American citizens. The Democrats momentarily found themselves on the defensive, but no longer. They’ve turned the tide by changing the focus of the controversy, twisting it back on the right. The problem is no longer the threat of big government to American privacy and freedom, but libertarian and conservative “paranoid extremists” who don’t trust government to keep us safe and secure.

Clinton has gotten the message, and she’s going to run with it: we live in dangerous times and our enemies hide in shadows, so we need to trust our government to do anything it can to keep us safe and secure. And who better to protect us, to make our country safe, to gather us up like chicks under her wing than a woman? Isn’t that what women do best? Nurture, promote peace, soothe the savage beast of man? Who better to guide us into an era of peace and security than the softer sex? Who better than Hillary Clinton?

The race for the presidency in 2016 has already begun. What strategy should conservatives employ in this climate of fear and gender politics? What is the conservative answer to Americans who are willing to sacrifice their liberty for security and to elect a woman as president simply because they believe they owe it to her?

And lets not forget she was named the Most Powerful Women in American History -D.S.