Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nork News: From Behind the Noodle Curtain

by Middle Finger News Correspondent
Wya Long Poo

Kim Jong-Un inspects 'The Peoples Bakery' home of a staple of the 
North Korean diet, 'The Motherland' mud-filled pastry. 

Not to be out done by Barack Obama, Kim Jong-Un dictates his second autobiography to 
his staff to be entitled "Dreams of the Shit My Dictator Used to Say". His first offering
became in instant bestseller after copies were issued to every citizen.

Fungi Marine Commanders join Kim Jong-Un in inspection of North Korean cutting edge 
super secret strategic fungi weapon reserves, believed to be the only in the world.  

 Kim Jong-Un gleefully shows off his 'Magic Mushroom' stash to reporters. 
From his upcoming book he says: "All worldly men of culture and stature have interest, Daddy had his porno movie collection, I have my Transformers and Magic Shrooms"   


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