Friday, August 9, 2013

Round One – Al-Qaida 21 – Obama 0

"Well it looks like Al-Q startled BO into closing 21 Embassies in the Muddled East and Africa. Al-Q is claiming a victory for making BO look like scaredy cat and over-react. Now to look at BO’s side, he may have had the info that warranted the closures, and we don’t have specifics as to what is was. So, maybe he gets a small benefit of doubt. However, it comes on the heels of a growing and expanding inquiry on Benghazi so the flip side is he had over-reacted. In either condition, he still didn’t come away a winner because now the enemy looks on him as weak, and may provoke BO now to show he’s strong." -  First Street Journal

"Despite the plot being thwarted, many supporters of al-Qaida and other terror groups believe the very fact that President Barack Obama was forced to shutter embassies, consulates, and posts throughout the Middle East and Africa — most through Saturday — was a victory in itself, according to The New York Times.

"God is great! America is in a condition of terror and fear from al-Qaida," wrote one jihadist in an online forum, according to the Times. "The mobilization and security precautions are costing them billions of dollars. We hope to hear more of such psychological warfare, even if there are no actual jihadi operations on the ground." - Newsmax 

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