Saturday, October 5, 2013

DMF Volunteers Services to Update White House Social Sites

Due to the government shutdown, the White House social sites are not being updated. The geniuses at the White House either aren't smart enough to figure out how to post, or they don't realize they are free and cost the gov't nothing to run.  Not to worry.

DMF has taken on the task of updating our favorite site for them, the White House Tumblr.  We're sending it on to the White House hoping they'll appreciate the time and expense spent doing it and let us post it up for them, and maybe drop the IRS audit this year. Here's the rough draft of our post......

The Official White House Tumblr

Things going around the White House that we just had to share with you.

This Weeks Obama Supporter Spotlight

 Meet Jerome Mohammad Katz , 26 of Chicago. Jerome is an avid supporter of the the president and his policies and was a valued member of the reelection team, working as a poll monitor in 2012.  Jerome is  a self-employed pharmaceutical rep and spends his spare time community organizing and volunteering with his neighborhood watch patrol. As soon as the gov't shutdown is over and Republicans fund the gov't agencies, Jerome plans to attend Stanford University and become an astronaut. Thank You and Good Luck, Jerome. 

Meet Ricardo Blankenship, 31 of Los Memos, Cal.  A Victim of the Bush recession, Ricardo is an unemployed school crossing guard  and came to our attention during a essay contest for third graders on the subject of ObamaCare. Ricardo will be happy to know he is just one of millions of Americans who get free health care covered under pre-existing conditions.  

Thank You Larwyn’s Linx at Doug Ross@Journal for the Linkage!