Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What does Obama know? Obviously not enough to be a Leader

Barack Obama says:
He knew nothing about the guns going into Mexico (Fast and Furious)
He knew nothing about the NSA spying issue
He knew nothing about the security problems in Libya
He knew nothing about the IRS targeting political groups
He knew nothing about the problems with Healthcare.gov
 He knew nothing about Angela Murkels phone being tapped.
He knew what the status of Miami Heat was in a speech.
He knew that Jay Z had released a new album and it was slated to be a hit.
He knew the Harvard Police acted “stupidly” when he did not have all the facts.
He knew which member of the View was on “Dancing with the Stars”.
He knew which brackets he was picking for the NCAA basketball tourney.
He knew about Kanye West’s commments about Taylor Swift.
He knew that Native Americans are “upset” about the Redskins.
Doesn’t seem like he knows much about running the country does it?

Man is Barack going to be surprised when someone finally tells him how incompetent his presidency is...

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