Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chalk One More Up in the Democrat Sleezeball Column

No experience in office? Check. Sketchy business partners? Check. Media manipulation? Check.
Well Hell, Let's Make Him Governor....

Sleezeball- Elect McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe represents an unseemly side of Washington. His primary role in politics for the past two decades or more has been to spew the party line in the media, and raising lots of cash. Most notably, for the Clintons. He cooked up the idea of essentially renting out the Lincoln bedroom during the Clinton administration as a fundraising vehicle, and he smashed all previous presidential fundraising records in the process.

When McAuliffe was the Dems' top fundraiser, a campaign finance scandal besieged the Clinton White House. Coincidence? No. McAuliffe was all about pushing the envelope when it came to the political money chase. That alone is not be enough to render him a distasteful political candidate in his party. Quiet the contrary.

What's different about McAuliffe is his brazen mixing of his campaign fundraising activity and attempts to enrich himself personally. Many of McAuliffe's business deals have come about due to his place in the political cosmos, not because he possesses a wealth of business skill. That tangled history has linked him to a long list of slimy unsavory characters. 
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