Thursday, November 14, 2013

Democrats Face a Crisis of Faith

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the tears of progressives. More tears have been shed in the past few weeks than in the previous five years combined. And with Obama's Thursday presser, the Great Dam of Sorrow has burst. Check out today's coverage on Obama's favorite network, MSNBC:
“There are no teeth to what was announced today by the White House. Zero. None. Zilch.” — Chuck Todd, NBC News  
“I wonder he had the legal authority to do this” — Gov. Howard Dean, MSNBC
"I, the media, didn't create these problems!" — Tamron Hall, MSNBC
"He seems a wounded man today.” — Alex Wagner, MSNBC
“Behold! A god who bleeds!”  
Democrats have realized that they re-elected the Obama of the first debate. That disastrous performance in Denver wasn't the exception, but the rule. After elevating this feckless  naive to messianic status, they face not merely a political crisis, but a crisis of faith.

2014 just got a lot more interesting.
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