Friday, November 1, 2013

Sebelius Warns Critics: BTFO

MFNS - Following this weeks disastrous Obamacare hearing on Capitol Hill, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has released a video message to her critics on Youtube where she warns: “Back the f**k off, or I’ll go nuclear.”

The so-called “nuclear option” has long been considered a red line for the administration. It would see Sebelius cede control of implementing the Affordable Care Act to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“You think this is bad now? You think this is bad now?! You ain’t seen nothing!” Sebelius says in the two-minute video posted early this morning.
“They’ve been in business for decades, are grossly underfunded and have only a few million customers. It takes them six months just to lose your application. Their website is a Kafkaesque labyrinth straight out of Dante. You will f**king BEG me to be in charge again. Subpoena me one more time and I will f**king do it, bitches!" 
At press time, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki was seen nervously adjusting his beret and shifting uncomfortably in his seat when asked for comment.  

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  1. It's all government, and it's all good ... right libs?

  2. The more the Dem/Libs sabotage their own program, the more credibility they lose. (I think it's amazing they have any left, but that's just me.) So go ahead Kathleen, make our day! Do it. We won't see another Democratic Congress or Administration for decades!