Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Southern Poverty Law Center Drops Nation of Islam from Hate List.....Farrakhan Moves to Batshit Crazy List

"In these days of the New Black Panthers and the Occupy movement, SPLS lists no Leftist groups as hate groups. Nor does it include any significant number of Islamic jihad groups on the hate group list, and has now even dropped an Ohio branch of the racist, violent and paranoid Nation of Islam from the list." 

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  1. YOu're completely wrong, relying on reports from right-wing websites. The SPLC has not, repeat NOT, dropped the Nation of Islam from its list of hate groups. In fact, we list more than 70 NOI chapters. If you looked at our actual site before making claims like this, perhaps you'd get it right once in a while.

    Mark Potok