Wednesday, February 26, 2014

America's Premier Useful Idiot to Intervene in Venezuela

James Earl Carter, until recently known to most as 'The Worst American President' as well as the 'Darling of Dictators' everywhere and their 'Most Valuable Useful Idiot', plans a trip to Venezuela to iron out the problems in the Socialist Paradise.  Carter, who wouldn't know a rigged election if it ran over him (see 2004 Chavez election) like Mighty Mouse will soon be on his way save the day as a people's uprising continues.

Carter with most excellent buddy, Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez 
"Carter, a mediator of past political conflict in the deeply polarized South American nation, made the offer in private letters he sent this week to President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Henrique Capriles.
The Carter Center has been a frequent observer of elections in Venezuela and mediated talks between the socialist government and opposition following a 2002 coup that briefly unseated then President Hugo Chavez.
Carter is accepted by the normally anti-American government — Maduro praised him at a news conference Friday. But some members of the opposition harshly criticized the Carter Center for validating a 2004 recall referendum that Chavez won amid complaints that the process leading up to the vote unfairly favored him."
Regardless of how long you live Jimmy, nothing will ever dig you out of that hole you dug from 1977-1981. 


  1. America's second worst president ever will blame it on the Joos when he gets there. I only wish that I could live long enough to see this asshole and the Klintons gone from the face of the earth.

  2. Is there any chance we can talk the Venezuelans into keeping him?