Friday, March 7, 2014

The Situation Room Gazebo

During a briefing aboard Air Force One on the way to Florida, Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest ostensibly was making the point that Obama can monitor and handle world events from his gazebo at the Ocean Reef Club on Key Largo. 

W.H. Dossier
"I think the point is that the President over the course of a very busy week has maintained his schedule and his ability to monitor ongoing events in Ukraine. I would anticipate that he’ll do the same thing this weekend. And the fact of the matter is what the President is doing this weekend in Florida is essentially what the President will be doing if he stayed back at the White House. It’s just that the weather will be a little warmer." - Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest

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  1. yeah well there might be a new explosion in Libya which is threatening to attack a North Korean ship with "illegal" Libyan oil.