Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Little Private Slice of Heaven for Lesbians

If the United States wishes to be truly progressive – we must look to Europe. Yes, Europe will show us the way to true utopian socialism where gas is $10 a gallon and everything that isn't or is nailed down is taxed. They can show us how to be more accepting of Islamic culture so that our cities can be overrun with those of the Muslim faith; where whole swaths of once great European metropolises follow Sharia law and become infidel no-go zones. 
Yes, for all these reasons, we must look across the pond to countries like Germany, where over a century ago, good academic progressives in America learned their craft – fashioning the grand collective.
But wait… there's more, that is, if we wish to achieve true politically correct enlightenment.
The AP reported  that, "A new burial area for lesbians only is being inaugurated in a two century old cemetery in the German capital, Berlin, this weekend." 
The 400 square meter area will be cordoned off in a Lutheran cemetery that was established in 1814. The site will be reserved for up to 80 lesbians. If you're the 81st – I guess it's better luck next time. I guess you'll just have to suffer an eternity with us homophobic heterosexuals.
Usah Zachau is a spokeswoman for the Safia Association, an organization for elderly lesbians.  She said the burial ground will be a space "where the lesbian community can live together in the afterlife."
Yes, Usah, that's how it works. God has a community set aside for 80 lesbians. In exchange for landscaping and upkeep, the group was given use of the 4300 square foot area for 30 years. What happens after that? Well, the report doesn't say.
Do the Lutherans come dig them up and haul them away? Or, do they desecrate the site by burying heterosexuals in unused plots?
So I guess the logical question to ask from this absurdity is – how long until an LGBT group here in the United States demands the right to their own cemetery. Notice I said, "demand" and not ask or negotiate with a cemetery organization. These groups don't ask for anything. They demand – we comply.
And how long will it be before some wacked-out Democrat politician claims it to be a civil right to have separate gay cemeteries?
Not too long I'd imagine.


  1. Hey, we are talking about Germany, right? Likely their special place will be a long trench into which their bodies will be dumped unceremoniously and covered with lime. They are welcome to it.

  2. Are you sure those homosexuals won't mind being buried with heterosexuals?