Thursday, April 10, 2014

Help a Brother Out: GET TAINTED!!

Unfortunately, my friend, comrade and sometime collaborator, the incomparable 'Earl of Taint' has hit a bump on the road of life. He got laid off his job. But Ladies and Gentleman, Earl isn't satisfied to sit around and rot. No Sir. Being quick of wit and motivated of mind, he opened up a venture of his own: Earl's Tainted Gear

Now guys, just imagine being out on the town with a most excellent one-off custom tee-shirt with a genuine original Earl of Taint photoshopped image riding high on your voluptuous lady friend's chest. And girls, just imagine sliding between the sheets with your man while wearing a pair of sexy Earl of Taint Pajamas. Ooooh! Makes me moist just thinkin' about it!

So y'all 'Get Tainted', and help us keep Earl off the public dole. Stop by Earl's Tainted Gear and pick something up for yourself, your sweetie, or your favorite liberal friend. Earl will do custom orders if you ask. 


  1. Yer too good to me Madam. Thanks very very much.

    1. Hoping your back to work as soon as possible. In the mean time we gonna get as many people 'Tainted' as we can!