Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In an effort to curb global warming, The Cow of the Future Project begins a quest to create the “Star Athlete” of the bovine world.

Defy the Narrative

If you were thinking I made that up, I didn’t. The story, complete with strap-on gas tanks for cows is here.
“A White House climate initiative has boosted a quixotic search for the “cow of the future”, a next-generation creature whose greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by anti-methane pills, burp scanners and gas backpacks.
Carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is the primary man-made gas warming the planet, but methane is far more potent and the US’s biggest source of it is its 88m cattle, which produce more than landfill sites, natural gas leaks or hydraulic fracturing.
The Obama administration’s launch last month of a plan to curb methane emissions has given fresh relevance to climate-friendly technologies for cattle that range from dietary supplements and DNA gut tests to strap-on gas tanks.....”

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