Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Holy Week : Time for the Lefties to Brag About Their Accomplishments

"If you wonder why conservatives seem to carry perpetual  grievances,
it's because they know they have lost."

During my morning venture of forward observing behind enemy lines, I ran across a paragraph from Mother Jones that exemplifies the thoughts of the left and the most of the media this time of year as they ramp up there semi- annual attack on religion:
"Over the last half century, various branches of government have taken plenty of proactive steps to marginalize religion. Prayer in public school has been banned. Creches can no longer be set up in front of city hall. Parochial schools are forbidden from receiving public funds. The Ten Commandments can't be displayed in courtrooms. Catholic hospitals are required to cover contraceptives for their employees. Gay marriage is legal in more than a dozen states and the number is growing rapidly."
Lots to be proud of there; marginalizing  freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. The paragraph was embedded in an article at The Daily Kos-Hole, written by none other than the chief Kos-Hole himself, Markos Moulitsas, who blusters on about the successes of the left:
"Now they are the enemy. And with populism on the rise, why do you think Republicans are afraid to roll out their "solutions" to our problems? It's because they know their views, whether on health care or immigration or pretty much anything else, are out of touch with public opinion....."
"But if you wonder why conservatives seem to carry perpetual grievances, it's because they know they have lost. The entire world around them has left them behind. Heck, they've created an entire alternate media world in which to cocoon themselves. But they know they've lost......"
".....the only question left is how long will it be before our government truly represents the public will. And when that happens, we'll be truly able to ignore the perpetual tempter tantrum from the Right." 
What he says is not just religion, but our entire culture (with the help of the courts, not the voter) has fell into the hands of the left. And as for public opinion, we will see how the cultural revolution the left he believes is won so handily fairs in the next election. 

I believe the left has severely overplayed their hand. The pendulum always swings. There are always differences in the way things shake out. Time, place, and circumstance can alter that swing.

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