Thursday, May 1, 2014

How Dare They Dispute the King

Truth Revolt
A 24-year-old White House official monitors and flags tweets from reporters that the White House may disagree with, according to an article by Yahoo published Thursday.
 Jessica Allen is tasked with monitoring the social media platform for tweets that push a narrative contrary to the White House's agenda. Allen then flags the conflicting tweets, and sends them up the Communications office food chain to all of President Obama's top aides, including chief of staff Denis McDonough, White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler, White House press secretary Jay Carney, and senior advisor and frequent media personality Dan Pfeiffer: 
“The result? Reporters who regularly cover Obama have become familiar with seemingly out-of-the-blue emails or telephone calls from officials taking issue with their tweets — often thoughtfully and constructively, sometimes with obscenity-laced yelps of outrage.
Yahoo reports that many reporters who cover the White House hear regularly from White House officials who push back against the narrative of their stories.
CBS correspondent Mark Knoller says he has received "a few rockets" from Carney over his social media offerings, which occasionally cause him to edit the tweet, or the story itself.

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