Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Details of Gitmo Prisoner Exchange Agreement Leaked

(MFNS) Washington- Much speculation has risen as to the details of the Gitmo prisoners swap, why and for what reason would the administration release such dangerous men at this time.  State Dept. moles have leaked to Middle Finger News scant details of the agreement made with the Gitmo 5 in accordance with their release.

We have learned that the White House pressured the Labor Dept. for a promise of a 700 million dollar loan to the 5 detainees to help set them up in gainful employment in their home countries in turn for an agreement not to return in anyway to the battlefield.  Mullah Norullah Norrl, the only literate of the group penned his signature to the 17 page agreement and and gave his word to abide by that agreement. Other details remain secret.

When informed of the leak, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told us she had severe reservations about the release of such dangerous Taliban Leaders, but that her major concern was her fear the 5 will unfairly gouge their customers with artificially high prices. 

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