Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aww...The Supremes Are Ruining 4th of July for the Progtards

"Maybe we could just extend Canada Day to Canada Week and skip celebrating the Fourth Of July entirely until there’s an actual reason to take pride in being a U.S. citizen. Maybe we could replace the Fourth with something a little more topical. We could make June 30th a national holiday. Happy Corporations Day! Celebrate by disenfranchising someone in the name of capitalist ideals under the guise of religious tolerance. Wave the White Christian Male flag, buy a bunch of shitty American factory-brewed beer, and drunkenly impregnate a bunch of those second-class subhuman citizens whom we relegate to the status of sex objects or baby incubators, as our version of god so clearly intended. I may be a bit angry."- apricotica 
NOTE: I don't recommend the blogger above*, or for that matter any of the depressed, over-medicated, confused narcissistic hetro-phobic angry atheist crybaby leftist blogs on the sewer known as Tumblr. I happened to run across this comment while jumping over the ditch water and found it a fine microcosm of the stupidity and twisted psyche of uninformed Americans of all I've read since yesterdays court decision. 

* (that is unless you're into saggy tits and cottage-cheese thigh selfies)


  1. "...any of the depressed, over-medicated, confused narcissistic hetro-phobic angry atheist crybaby leftist blogs on the sewer known as Tumblr."

    That's mind-blowing accurate and awesome, all at the same time.

    Poor, angst-mongering, loontard, coffee-house vermin are so free of anything empathizable I find it hard to give a @&%k for their pain.

  2. Yeah, I agree Grunt. It's like mindless de-evolution
    And after stumbling into her selfies and reading here innate ramblings for five minutes or so, I felt like I needed a shower.....

  3. How did America get so populated with so many ignorant uninformed effing damn IDIOTS? This stupid bitch (who probably breeds) is just one more reason I fear for America.

  4. Oh, shit... The picture of that smarmy commie broad is brutal. The black hat just isn't large or opaque enough. The thighs do, in fact, look like cheese. However, I imagine them to be Roquefort, which was molded into shape by the regular wearing of support hose fishnets.

    As to the tits... Well, I haven't seen anything like that, ever, in my entire life as a racist, homophobic, and sexist heterosexual white male. The only thing I can say is those disgusting sexless udders hang like two fried eggs on a nail.

    The ugliest part of the little shit is her diseased mind.

  5. The last refuge of a failed debater is the personal attack...
    From what I have read here, none of you have a counter argument to her statements and must resort to trash talking her physical appearance.

    I am sure ALL of you are perfect physical specimens of attractiveness.

    Rather than tells us about her boobs (or lack there of) why don't you explain to us why she is wrong?

    1. You're not actually serious, are you? How do you explain to an obvious rabid, brainwashed socialist that she is "wrong"? Everything she said in her statement is just one huge nasty and insulting rant, and, obviously, no non-liberal is going to agree at all. Nothing she said is provable, most of it just isn't true at all, and basically it's just ideology. Since she's just a rambling, yammering moron who spouts tired and cliched 1960s radicalism, why try to refute what she's saying? The trouble with liberals is that even when you prove them wrong with facts, they deny the facts. Liberals have their own version of truth, which is basically bullshit and propaganda. Plus, you liberals think insulting and humiliating people is totally okay, as long it's the right people.

      And, by the way, I am a perfect physical specimen. She, on the other hand, is a pig-faced flabby troll with a protean amoebic mass of glop for a face.

    2. Jan - I apologize for jumping in and engaging others on your blog. Don't mean to be a thread hog. Please give me a hint if you want me to bug out.

      Everett - I see three people here who criticized her for her gross stupidity in being angry about the only possible outcome in the recent SCOTUS decision that was Constitutionally legal or even comprehensible. If you really want to argue about the merits of this case, then you're dumber than she is, because you'll be humiliated, but we'll be happy to go there. I only see one "Anonymous" attack on her looks, and even that was an aside on the real comment, which was about her "diseased mind." Because I also dislike what your friends call "body shaming," I have nothing more to say about that. But, come now. Are you really here to defend her rants on merit? Which words exactly? The ones about how shitty this country is? Or the ones about how all white Christian males think women are subhuman? She writes a lot of stuff. You should be able to find something worth defending. Let's hear it.

    3. gruntofmontecristo,
      Every post here has a personal attack in it. No Facts to counter her rant. Just mindless name calling.
      I chose call out the boobs because...well...I like boobs and will take any chance I get to talk about them. (and it was easy, I hadn't had my morning tea yet...)

      As far as the SCOTUS goes, you are correct on their decision.
      It is my opinion however that they are operating from a false premise that a corporation can be a person. I know that that was in fact the "1st law on the books*" in this country but that does not in my view make it less wrong.

      * 1 U.S.C. §1, : “In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, unless the context indicates otherwise [...] the words “person” and “whoever” include corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals.”

    4. Wait, you like boobs, you know law and you prefer facts to name calling. What the hell are you doing over on tumbler defending people like this?
      You sound more like a conservative to me.

      And I agree, BTW, that it was a mistake to consider corporations to be equivalent to "persons," legally. I think that's caused a lot of problems. But's not the root of the question at the heart of the Hobby Lobby case. If they were a proprietorship, they should still have the right to decide about immoral practices in their business.

    5. Yeah, sure pal. There were no "facts" in her little rant to begin with. It was just insults and name-calling. Funny how that very relevant fact doesn't seem to bother you one bit. Who are you, anyway? Her husband and life partner? You're awfully sensitive and defensive about this little nothing hippie tart.

      Your extremely entertaining analysis and criticism of the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision belongs in President Obama's bidet.

    6. gruntofmontecristo;
      Have you seen the truly epic number of Boobs on Tumblr? (Both kinds...)

      Just had some extra time today...
      Plant is closed for the whole week for the "Blow your hand off" Holiday...
      Thought I'd piss some gasoline on the internet...It was fun...

  6. Because she fails to understand she is attacking the first and only system in all of world history that provides her the quality of life she so arrogantly and publically condemns while her very freedom to do so was bought and paid for in blood by men who willingly fought and died to preserve her liberty.

    Plus, she's just ranting; she's doesn't articulate what her specific beef is. It's just an ambiguous diatribe about her distaste for white men, moral standards of behavior and the system of governance that is directly responsible for lifting more people out of poverty, disease and despair than any other, before or since.

    And thank you for your compliment. I never considered myself a perfect physical specimen (I did get a bad haircut once) but compared to the extreme unattractiveness of the historical illiteracy radiating from the core of progs like her and her ilk, I feel positively radiant, wholesome and happy.
    If you're really into that sort of thing I could send you a selfie. €:)

  7. I am neither "Conservative" or "Liberal" by the common definitions in the media.
    Like most people I have views on subjects that would put me in both camps.
    I am not defending her rant, I am attacking your poor responses to it.

    You all have done the equivalent of watching a Presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Rand Paul then telling everyone your not voting for Hilary because she has "Floppy Grandma Tits".

    This just makes you all look like rambling, yammering morons who spouts tired and cliched conservative radicalism.

    What you all have done is called an "ad hominem" form of argumentation, which is Latin for "to the man." It's when in a debate, one of the debaters resorts to name-calling or belittling their debating opponent. It is a philosophical fallacy, an automatic tainting of one's argument. Usually deployed when a person either feels threatened by the truth of the other's position as a defense mechanism, or when they have no available logical response to one's argument. It is a sort of automatic loss in the philosophical world because it shows that you are trying to disprove a person's argument by assaulting their character. It is very common in argumentation, but it should be called what it is: a cop-out.

    It is also why our current political situation sucks.
    Rather than try to convert/convince us to their point view, Politicians just try to destroy each other as quickly as possible so we vote for "the last man standing".

    1. Thanks for the thoroughly unnecessary English/Latin lesson. I know what "ad hominem" means, thanks.

      Stop with your sanctimonious faux-outraged liberal bullshit. You're not fooling me, at least. Do you realize that you're on a blog which uses crude language and makes fun of people? Why don't you take issue with the owner of the blog? She's the one who said "cottage cheese thighs and saggy tits". I just totally agreed and expanded upon her description. Why don't you grow up, and stop with the all-too-common politically correct hurt feelings bullshit. Liberals are the nastiest, most abusive, and most violent people in society by far. Also, I find it interesting that you haven't yet taken issue with the ugly broad's hateful and inaccurate generalizations, which are insulting and demeaning to a lot of people, including me. As far as I'm concerned, she can go ram her black hat up her dimpled commie ass.

      Hillary DOES have floppy Grandma tits, by the way. That's why Bill was getting blown by Monica in the Oval Orifice while Hillary was eating pussy upstairs in the Lincoln bedroom.

    2. OK...Lets see what we have here...

      "Happy Corporations Day! Celebrate by disenfranchising someone in the name of capitalist ideals under the guise of religious tolerance."
      Well this happens everyday in this country now that dollars equal votes and PACs practically write the bills themselves that the Senators and Congressmen put up for consideration without even reading them.

      "Wave the White Christian Male flag, buy a bunch of shitty American factory-brewed beer, and drunkenly impregnate a bunch of those second-class subhuman citizens whom we relegate to the status of sex objects or baby incubators, as our version of god so clearly intended."
      Have you been to a trailer park in this country?
      Have you watched any "Reality TV" or "News" in the last year or so?

      Holy FUCKBALLS Batman, get your head out of your conservative arrogant ass! Look around you!
      This whole planet is filled to the breaking point with people who are "Fucked up" in the head.

    3. Eat shit, you grandiose, intellectually limited, nothing mongoloid piece of troll scum. If you want "fucked up in the head", go start a conversation with yourself, you mental case douchebag. Your double standard is glaring.

      "Holy fuckballs Batman", he says... Jesus, that's just so awful, unfunny, infantile, and stupid. Did you type that on your Sesame Street Bert & Ernie keyboard, or did you scribble it with Crayolas and mail it in after Mommy gave you a stamp? You sound as if you just learned to walk erect last Tuesday.


  8. Sewer was too nice a word, Jan. I just checked out the brainless whore's smug little response and her minions' replies, and now I definitely have to go get another shower. Those fucktards are too messed up to destroy braincells over. I might still use them as an excuse to drink tonight, though. ;)

    1. Tiger rag just emailed me and said she put up a screen shot from over here (Thanks Babe!)
      I've been to busy to go look. He did say she's whining I didn't give her any traffic. Guess the whole thing went straight over her head! Just like the court decision.......

      I'm starting to feel bad about bring such attention to the mentally challenged.....