Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aww...The Supremes Are Ruining 4th of July for the Progtards

"Maybe we could just extend Canada Day to Canada Week and skip celebrating the Fourth Of July entirely until there’s an actual reason to take pride in being a U.S. citizen. Maybe we could replace the Fourth with something a little more topical. We could make June 30th a national holiday. Happy Corporations Day! Celebrate by disenfranchising someone in the name of capitalist ideals under the guise of religious tolerance. Wave the White Christian Male flag, buy a bunch of shitty American factory-brewed beer, and drunkenly impregnate a bunch of those second-class subhuman citizens whom we relegate to the status of sex objects or baby incubators, as our version of god so clearly intended. I may be a bit angry."- apricotica 
NOTE: I don't recommend the blogger above*, or for that matter any of the depressed, over-medicated, confused narcissistic hetro-phobic angry atheist crybaby leftist blogs on the sewer known as Tumblr. I happened to run across this comment while jumping over the ditch water and found it a fine microcosm of the stupidity and twisted psyche of uninformed Americans of all I've read since yesterdays court decision. 

* (that is unless you're into saggy tits and cottage-cheese thigh selfies)

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