Friday, July 11, 2014

Local Negro Boy Makes Good on Mainland

The Maui Wowie Free Press
by Roachclip Johnson

Barry Soetoro
Honolulu 411 The Maui Wowie Free Press has learned former local resident and member of the islands legendary 'Choom Gang', Barry Soetoro, has gone on in life to become a real American success story. 

A writer, author, comedian, political commentator and actor (stage name Barack Obama) , is once again nominated for a prestigious award. 

An episode of the comedy  “Between Two Ferns” which features a cameo by Soetoro as a sitting President being interviewed has been nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program category.

The awards will be announced Aug. 25. A win would add to Soetoro's already impressive award shelf, having won a Grammy in 2005 for the audio version of his best selling fictional autobiography, "Dreams from My Father".  He scored a second Grammy in 2007 for the audio version of his comic account of a Keynesian economist and politician out to save democracy, "The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.” 

He also scored big time cheese with a Nobel Peace Prize for his work bringing peace to the streets of Chicago while working as a community organizer there.

Soetoro is presently in his 6th year of a run portraying for television audiences a bumbling, much traveled and leisure oriented gay President of the United States, which initially opened to rave reviews, but recently scathing reviews have resulted in fallen popularity, and said by some in need of being mercifully ended.