Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Obama's Most Successful Accomplishment.......Division

"....the sheer “I won” in-your-face immaturity of the Obamaites — remember the “Hey, Hey, Goodbye” chant to Bush at the inauguration — ensured that people would be angrier than normal. And they did that on purpose because a sharply divided nation suited them politically. Now Ron Fournier wonders if Americans would rally behind Obama after another 9/11 the way we rallied behind Bush, and I think the answer is no — because Obama has spent his entire time in office flicking boogers at half the country.
As I’ve said before, the reason why presidents traditionally act “presidential” isn’t because they’re stiffly formal, it’s because acting presidential, rather than purely political, lets you appeal to the whole country in ways that a pure partisan can’t. Obama doesn’t care, and we may very well pay for that, too. But elections have consequences, and when you elect a guy like Obama, the consequences are bad ones." - Glenn Reynolds


  1. Glenn's right. We'll pay for it. OBlowMe will pay, too, but more likely in a quick and violent way when his sponsors are done with him. Our payment will be long, drawn-out and expensive, and it will be our children who pay the most.

  2. Obama has poisoned the political atmosphere in Washington, D.C. for at least a generation. I can't believe that Republicans will be able to ever forget how Obama treated them. Human nature, such as it is, dictates that there will a political blood letting after the November midterm congressional elections, should Republicans take the Senate and increase their majority in the House. I cannot imagine any Republican cutting Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi any slack whatsoever, if Republicans make advances in their numbers in Congress.

  3. As a follow up on this very topic, here's a Real Clear Politics from Tom Bevan today.

  4. Glenn said what I say, Obama does not care, period. And yes Robert may the honest God of elections oversee the one in November. I so want to see Pelosi and Reid drug out of D.C. as losers. First though, apply copious amounts of tar and feathers.