Wednesday, September 3, 2014

America's Junior Varsity All-Stars

The Vote was unanimous for MFNS B-Team All-Stars for 2014

Here are the results of the voting:

John 'Duke of Heinz' Kerry:
Position:  Shooting Guard
Strengths:  Size, experience, verbose, good at muscling way into play.  Stepped up his game and filled position after predecessor left  lineup due to brain injury. 
Weaknesses: Overly ambitious, injects self into play for attention, poor scoring percentage, thought of more a nuisance then a player by opponents.

B.H. 'Bo' Obama: 
Position: Team Captain / Power Forward
Strengths: Trash talking opponents, deceptive moves, excellent at faking, plays well while traveling, good at blaming others and claiming fouls. 
Weaknesses:  Best at playing outdoors -indoor game is weak, low scoring percentage, weak leadership on floor, poor understanding of the game, lack of hustle recently.

Smokin' Joe Biden:
Position: Player Coach / Center
Strengths:  Most experienced of team members, true brains and inspiration of the team, keeps opponents off guard with frequent mis-directions. High scoring percentage with the Ladies.  
Weaknesses: Frequently benched for reoccurring foot-in-mouth injuries. 


  1. If ole foot-in-mouth haz a bag o' brains then surely ValJar would be pictured holding a bag o' balls, right? Or does the team manager not count on the JV all-stars?

  2. They always said Joe Biden had the brains of a five year old! Now there's proof!