Monday, October 27, 2014

Democrats' Campaign Finance Reform Irony

"If Republicans win control of both the House and Senate, 'the interests of billionaires will come before the needs of the middle class,' President Barack Obama said at a $32,500-a-plate fundraiser at the $16 million Greenwich, Connecticut, estate of a billionaire named (I'm not making this up) Rich Richman.
You can't top that remark for hypocrisy or the setting for irony. It isn't the middle class who write $32,500 checks. Those who do expect something in return. They've been getting it. ...
The top group of fundraisers for Mr. Obama raised $457,834 for his 2008 campaign -- and were approved for federal grants and loans of $11.4 billion, according to the Government Accountability Institute. Selling access to the federal treasury has been a great way for Democrats to raise campaign funds. Since 1989, according to an analysis by Gateway Pundit, big donors have provided $416 million more in direct contributions to Democrats than Republicans." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette