Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weed Shopping With MSNBC

A Girls Guide to Scoring Reefer with Ricky Maddow 

Our favorite gender confused MSNBC personality, Rachel Maddow, traveled to Denver for a live broadcast Tuesday night. It was just a little weird to watch MSNBC's version of news with an audience applauding and cheering in the background.   The highlight (ha!) of the episode was Maddow’s visit to a dispensary of “recreational meds,” aka “weed,”  “Mary Jane,” “reefer,” or “why Phish had a career.”

She’s introduced to the world of boutique dispensary operation, from the goofy — as she goes down the steps into the store, she notes that it “smells like college” — to the mundane practical challenges of running a business that’s legal under Colorado state  law, but not under national law, which means dispensaries can’t keep their money in banks. It’s funny and informative, and Rachel closes by confirming that, in the state of Colorado, she now knows that she’s “a certified dork.”

Ricky, you've just admitted what we've always believed. You are indeed a real Dick Dork.

If you care to watch, Here is the video.