Sunday, November 2, 2014

Are We Facing a Pending Viking Invasion?

Secretary of Defense Chucky Hagel

I doubt anyone reading these words has any problem believing we are indeed presently being led by a small group of Numbskulls with very little knowledge of world affairs, affairs of state or national governing, am I right on this?

So it should comes as no surprise that a supposedly intelligent person who managed to convince people to vote him into office,  who is then picked from the basket and put in charge of one of the most important positions concerning our national defense could come up with a very unusual, if not ridiculous idea. These are the times in which we live.....

Traditional Right
"Alice, in the form of the American taxpayer, is wandering ever deeper into the Wonderland that is the Pentagon. An article from the October 15 Army Times is titled, “Hagel devises new mission for Army: Coastal defense force.”
In the real world, the first question facing any proposal for “defense” is, what is it supposed to defend us against? 
Before an enemy could land in strength on our shores, it would have to defeat the U.S. Navy. Exactly who is in a position to do that is not clear. Neither Russia or China qualify. The Royal Navy just isn’t what it used to be. The French are dastardly enough to try anything, but how much threat is posed by landing the French Army is not clear.
 How on earth could a seemingly sane Secretary of Defense suggest such a thing? 
Somewhere in the Pentagon is a wall locker where Secretary Hagel, upon taking office, checked his brain, his backbone, and his balls. It is one of many lockers containing the same body parts from previous senior civilian defense appointees. Can we ever put someone in the Secretary's position who refuses the operation?"
Are we not being told of a pending Viking raid, or maybe the mighty Cuban Army is on the move? 

With our land borders wide open to invaders from who knows where, and our military being played as pawns in political maneuvering at home, only an administration like we are witnessing could come up with ridiculous ideas like this.

After the appointment of a former first lady with no experience, save flying around on government aircraft, as secretary of state, followed into the office by a failed narcissistic  presidential candidate the world pays no attention to, I thought just about anything was possible with choosing of important positions of leadership in the country. I was correct.