Sunday, November 9, 2014

Scientist Discover Root Cause of Liberalism

Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered

It looks as if scientist have finally discovered what most of us have know for a long time: there had to be a inherent reason people on the left are so mind dumbed to the realities of a sane world, and so easily blinded by their intolerances.... 
"A virus that infects human brains and makes us more stupid has been discovered, according to scientists in the US.  The algae virus, never before observed in healthy people, was found to affect cognitive functions including visual processing and spatial awareness. 
Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the University of Nebraska stumbled upon the discovery when they were undertaking an unrelated study into throat microbes. Surprisingly, the researchers found DNA in the throats of healthy individuals that matched the DNA of a virus known to infect green algae.
Dr Robert Yolken, a virologist who led the original study, said:  “This is a striking example showing that the ‘innocuous’ microorganisms we carry can affect behavior and cognition."