Saturday, January 10, 2015

Satire Extremists Erase Head of Terrorist Cartoon


MFNS - An unidentified group of satirists has leaked a terrifying video depicting the brutal decartooning of an unknown terrorist’s head. The video, shot in what appears to be a drawing studio, starts with a proclamation that the cartoon was sentenced to death for various crimes and continues with the gruesome, methodical erasure of the head of what appears to be a drawing of an Islamic fundamentalist.

“It was horrifying. They took a Staedler eraser and started wiping the head off without an iota of empathy for the unfortunate cartoon,” stated an anonymous source who claimed to be a witness  to the massacre. “I will never forget how the paper was shaking and twisting under the eraser.”

The video ends with an eerie promise that more ink will be spilled and that the world’s terror networks will be “brought to their knees” during an event referred to only as “The Night of the Quill.”