Monday, January 12, 2015

Secret Service Foils Plot to Kidnap President

MFNS - A spokesman for the Secret Service Monday revealed a foiled plot believed to have been hatch by members of a yet unidentified foreign terrorist group. 

The plot, to kidnap President Barack Obama by using a trap-like device located on the grounds of the White House, was uncovered by a grounds keeper early Saturday morning near the exit the president uses when leaving the White house by Marine One.  It is believed the clever trapping device was set to be used when the President left for Paris and the Unity Rally, which he did not attend.

Photos of the trapping device were released showing the top-secret apparatus primed and ready to close upon the unsuspecting victim.  The trap, obviously of middle-east origin, had printing on it translated into English as "Acme Traps"

A grounds-keeper discovered the booby trapped device during his morning rounds picking up cigarette butts from the sidewalk outside the exit.  The trap was quickly disarmed and removed by an experienced EOD team brought in from nearby Quantico Marine Base. At no time was the President in any danger.

White House officials had ‘no comment’ when reporters asked who they believed set the trap.  

ISIS issued a statement denying any involvement in the plot, saying "It is ludicrous to believe we would waste Allah's time and our energy to kidnap someone the American people would not be willing to pay ransom for his return". He also added "we would be afraid we would have to pay America to take him back".

After being throughly checked for safety, the ‘bait’ was later chilled and consumed during the First Lady's luncheon held in the west wing dinning room.