Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Al Sharpton Butthurt Over Ferguson Protesters Who Refused to Support Him

Professional race-baiter Al Sharpton has been making the rounds since chaos erupted in Ferguson, but the younger generation of protestors is getting sick and tired of him. Needless to say, Sharpton is insulted. In Sunday’s address to members of the National Action Network, he basically compared the young protestors to “pimps” and “hos.”
From Capital New York:
"Sharpton said he acquiesced, and told the crowd in Harlem today, “I’ve been meeting with them and talking with them since. And they were told, ‘Your problem is Al Sharpton and the other guys.’ Anytime you have movements, whether it’s in Ferguson, whether it’s in New York, whether it’s in Denver, wherever it is, when they got you more angry at your parents then they got you at the vote you’re supposed to be out there for, you’re being tricked and you’re trying to turn the community into tricks. And they are pimping you, to do the Willie Lynch in our community.”
It was a reference to the colonial era slaveowner who taught others how to manipulate slaves into submission.
Sharpton added, “It’s the disconnect that is the strategy to break the movement. And they play on your ego. ‘Oh, you young and hip, you’re full of fire. You’re the new face.’ All the stuff that they know will titillate your ears. That’s what a pimp says to a ho.”
Don’t let his words fool you. He doesn’t actually care about uniting the black community. He’s just throwing a childish fit because everyone doesn’t want to kiss his rear.