Friday, February 6, 2015

On the President's National Prayer Breakfast Comments:

by Robert Janicki

On Thursday, at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama, with a straight face and in his best preacher pontification mode, put forth the idea that there is a moral equivalence between the brutal murderers of ISIS and the Christian Crusaders, among other allusions in history, which, in fact, are not comparable.  

Obama then flashed forward from the Christian Crusades of 900 to 1100 years ago in the Holy Land to make his point more meaningful and timely in more recent events.  Obama then gratuitously threw in the religious Inquisition in Europe and then moved to the period of American slavery and Jim Crow laws to further his argument that we're all imperfect and perhaps we should not judge ISIS on a religious basis, but rather on the basis of a political ideology.  Its's hard to determine what point Obama was making with these later historical allusions, since it was just so much drivel.

Obama's historical delusion of moral equivalence swept reality under the carpet despite the hundreds of millions of Muslims today that actually support in part or in whole, what goals and objectives ISIS is trying to achieve through their inhuman savagery.

It was obvious that Obama was simply engaging in a polemical argument of equivalency to give, albeit false, credence to his argument in separating ISIS from Islam.  Of course Obama never said that the analogy he put forth was really a moral equivalence between the two movements, since the Christian Crusades were, indeed, based upon religious grounds and his claim is that ISIS is a political ideology, but that did not prevent Obama from trying to make that ludicrous comparison.  

Obama's equivalence argument falls apart from the very beginning because he has repeatedly said the ISIS is not a religious movement under the banner of Islam, but is a perverted political movement hiding behind the religion of Islam.  So Obama's attempt at moral equivalency between the religious crusades of the Christians and the actions of ISIS, falls apart by his own definition of ISIS as a political ideology, rather than as being a movement influenced by Islam, the so called religion of peace.

This disparity in Obama's logic will, unfortunately, fall upon the deaf ears and deluded minds of the ignorant and stupid, who cannot see the fallacy of his perverted argument and will buy his bullshit lock, stock and barrel.

It's argued by some that Obama must be a stealth Muslim, since he supports Muslims over Christians.  I don't think Obama is a Muslim or a Christian.      How can a person sit in a pew in the Church of Hate lead by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who preached the Marxist secular religion of Black Nationalism, rather than any known Christian Protestant sect and claim be a Christian?  Forget about the fact that Obama has failed to attend any church in over 6 years in office.  So where does that leave Obama?

I believe that Obama at his core is a political secularist with no deep belief in any organized religion.  Obama is  an intransigent political ideologue, who merely uses religion as he finds it necessary to accomplish his political goals.  All this fits into Obama's narcissism, nihilism and his Messianic complex. 

Obama doesn't believe in any god, since he believes he is God.