Monday, March 2, 2015

3 Things You Never Knew Are Hidden On The $1 Bill

Middle Finger News Service

You probably have a $1 bill in your wallet right now, but have you looked close enough to
see the symbolism hidden right in plain sight?

#1 - Instructions For How To Use A Dollar Bill

The designers of the $1 bill had a unique vision for the smallest unit of paper money, and part
of it included printing a set of instructions for how to use the dollar bill on the bill itself.
Read “The Instructions,” as they’re commonly called, in the picture above!

#2 - Free  Coupons 

Once you see this one, it can’t be unseen. Just to the right of Washington’s head, there’s a relatively
unnoticeable dotted line. To the right of that line is a tear-off coupon for a free appetizer or dessert
with purchase of an adult entr├ęes at Chili’s.

#3 - The Faded Croz

If you don’t look hard enough you just might miss it, but the faded picture of musician David Crosby,
commonly  known as The Faded Croz, is mysteriously nestled to the left of Washington’s portrait.
Many have debated its meaning, but most agree that it portends some sort of tragic event in
the nation’s future. Illuminati? You be the judge.